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The Beginner's Guide to Floor Graphics Protection Film

1. What Are Floor Graphics?


Floor graphics are a specialized type of printed media intended to be walked on. They are typically utilized to guide foot traffic, advertise products or services, communicate safety messages, offer instructional guidance, or enhance the aesthetic appeal of an area. These graphics are engineered to endure significant foot traffic and withstand damage from spills, dirt, and various environmental factors.


2. Advantages Of Floor Graphics


Advantage 1: Increased consumer retention rate


In addition to their visual appeal, a study conducted by 3M revealed that floor graphics boast a 5% higher retention rate compared to other forms of advertising, such as aisle violators or standoffs.


Advantage 2: Enhanced engagement


Research by the Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI) indicates that 70% of purchasing decisions occur in-store, with 30% of shoppers more inclined to buy a product featured with floor graphics.


Advantage 3: Reduction in accidents


A UK government study found that floor graphics can decrease the risk of accidents by up to 90%. Notably, this research contributed to the implementation of floor graphics at the University of Warwick to mitigate the spread of infectious diseases in hospitals by reminding staff and visitors to adhere to proper hand hygiene practices.


Advantage 4: Differentiation from competitors


Given that the majority of print media is not typically found on the floor, floor graphics present a unique opportunity for significant differentiation from competitors, regardless of market saturation.


Floor Graphics

3. Types of Floor Graphics


With the constant development of innovative substrates, our floor graphics are categorized based on their intended purpose. Typically, there are four distinct categories: promotional floor graphics, safety floor graphics, wayfinding and informational floor graphics, and branding and decorative floor graphics, or a combination thereof.


Promotional Floor Graphics


These are the most common floor graphics protection film. Promotional floor graphics are printed onto vinyl or other durable materials and placed on the floors of commercial or public spaces to advertise a product, service, event or brand.


Safety Floor Graphics


Unlike promotional graphics aimed at boosting sales, safety floor graphics prioritize enhancing the safety of an environment. Typically printed on anti-slip or durable materials, these graphics are strategically placed in industrial or commercial settings, including vehicles, to raise awareness of potential hazards.


Wayfinding & Information Floor Graphics


Wayfinding floor graphics serve as visual cues, often in the form of markings or signage, strategically positioned on floors to guide individuals through a specific space. Alongside improving user experience, these graphics also convey important information or messages such as reminders for social distancing, safety instructions, or promotional offers.


Branding & Decor Floor Graphics


Looking to enhance your brand presence or spruce up a space? Decor floor graphics are decorative elements applied to floors in both commercial and residential settings to elevate the overall aesthetic appeal.


Hybrid Floor Graphics


Hybrid floor graphics combine various types of floor graphics, offering versatility in design. You're not limited to using just one type of floor graphic. For instance, in the image below, the client utilized wayfinding signage to not only guide visitors but also enhance their brand experience.


4. Applications / Examples


Thanks to Modernistic's extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities, we are adept at printing a wide range of products, including floor graphics! These graphics find applications in various settings such as retail stores, airports, grocery stores, gas stations, hospitals, schools, sports facilities, and even vehicles.


Indoor Floor Graphics

Indoor floor graphics are designed for use in indoor spaces, whether for short or long-term applications. They are generally more cost-effective as they don't require special materials to withstand outdoor conditions or extreme adhesives.


Outdoor Floor Graphics

Outdoor floor graphics are built to withstand harsh outdoor environments and heavy use. They utilize more durable substrates compared to indoor graphics but may incur higher costs due to the need for weather-resistant materials.


Short-Term Floor Graphics

Short-term floor graphics are intended for temporary use and are usually removed within a few months. They are often a cost-effective solution for short-term promotions or events.


Long-Term Floor Graphics

While floor graphics won't last indefinitely, there are methods and materials available to extend their lifespan.


Vehicle Floor Graphics

Graphics designed for vehicle floors are typically printed on anti-slip materials to help maintain stability for the operator.


Anti-Slip Graphics

Custom anti-slip graphics serve as effective preventive measures against slips and falls. They can be customized in terms of size, shape, durability, and color, including luminescent and transparent options.


Stair Graphics

Stair floor graphics are printed designs applied to the treads (horizontal part) or risers (vertical part) of a staircase, adding a visually striking and distinctive touch. They are gaining popularity due to their visibility during the shopping experience, cost-effectiveness, and their use as promotional space.


Display + Floor Graphics

Integrating floor graphics into your promotional display can significantly amplify its effectiveness, providing a unique and memorable way to engage customers.


Interactive Floor Graphics

Enhance customer engagement by incorporating interactive elements into your floor graphics. For instance, in the example below, a floor decal conceals a remote control, which when activated triggers a display model, providing a tactile and interactive experience.


3D Floor Graphics

Although not truly three-dimensional, 3D floor graphics create the illusion of depth through skillful design techniques and angles. This adds another layer of visual interest and captivates the attention of customers.


Standard Floor Decals

Standard floor decals offer versatility and effectiveness, limited only by creativity. They are a practical solution for various applications and can be customized to suit specific needs.


Custom Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

Custom anti-fatigue floor mats are specially designed printed floor mats without adhesive backing. These mats are intended to alleviate fatigue and discomfort for individuals who stand for long periods while also serving as a platform to promote your brand or product.


Custom Floor Mats

Custom printed floor mats are non-adhesive backed floor graphics typically made of rubber or nylon. They serve various purposes, including brand promotion, directional guidance, safety warnings, and decorative enhancements for a space.


5. Facts


- A study conducted by the Sign Research Foundation revealed that floor graphics can increase brand awareness by up to 64%.

- According to research by 3M, 96% of respondents stated that floor graphics were more eye-catching compared to other forms of advertising.

- A study conducted by the Department of Psychology at the University of California found that people are more likely to pay attention to floor graphics than other advertising mediums such as posters or banners.

- Research by the University of San Diego indicated that floor graphics can boost sales by up to 20% in retail stores.

- Nielsen reported that 72% of shoppers acknowledged noticing floor graphics, with 80% finding them helpful in making purchasing decisions.

- In a survey by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, 82% of respondents admitted to entering a store or business because of an outdoor sign or graphic, including floor graphics.


Maximize your company's revenue and advance your career! While floor graphics are undoubtedly impactful, their effectiveness relies on more than just captivating artwork or a meticulously planned design. Success lies in striking the right balance between exceptional design, cost-effective manufacturing, strategic placement, and efficient resource utilization.


However, if you're eager to address your floor graphic needs immediately, click here to connect with us today!

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