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What Are Floor Stickers and What Are They Used For?

Floor stickers also known as floor decals can be used a variety of ways! They are made out of 3.4mil vinyl, printed with UV cured ink and are slip resistant, made to withstand harsh weather conditions.


What are some common uses for floor stickers?


Floor stickers serve various purposes and find applications in diverse settings. They can be employed for directional guidance, channeling foot traffic, or as creative graphic art. These decals offer customization options, allowing for specific shapes and designs. Suitable for surfaces like sealed concrete, laminate floors, tile (without overlapping grout lines), and hardwood floors, floor stickers are versatile. Commonly utilized in stores, restaurants, warehouses, and even residential spaces, they contribute to effective wayfinding and visual communication. For optimal longevity, it is advisable to prep the surface by cleaning and ensuring it is dry before applying the decal.


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What is the lifespan on your floor graphics?


Stickers installed over floors can give a good 2 years wear before they need some replacing. It all depends on the surface & the traffic of each area.


Did you know that these are water resistant? Use them in wet areas such as over your shower tiles, behind your laundry sink or in front of your bathroom vanity.


How long do floor stickers last?


There are a lot of factors that go into the estimated lifespan of a floor sticker. Will it be located where there is very little foot traffic or will it constantly be driven over by vehicle traffic? If cars are driving over the floor sticker it's going to shorten the longevity of the sticker. Will the floor sticker be located inside and free from pouring rain or the hot sun? Or will it be placed outdoors in inclement weather? Adverse outdoor conditions will aslo cut short a floor stickers long life. Floor stickers and decals, if taken care of, can last for years. If you need a floor graphic for outdoor use, vehicle traffic or ever changing weather conditions, then a Concrete Sticker is the way to go!


Next, let's discuss the installation process for your floor sticker:


1. Ensure that the surface is smooth, such as hardwood, tile, laminate, or sealed concrete.


2. Thoroughly sweep the surface to remove any debris or dust. If the surface is not clean and has stains, use a commercial degreaser to eliminate any marks.


3. Confirm that the surface is dry and avoid placing your decal over any dirt, oil, grease, or similar substances.


Following these steps will help ensure a proper and durable installation of your floor sticker.


Now, let's proceed with the application of the decal:


1. If you have a large decal, it's recommended to install it with another person. Ensure that your surface area is dry and free of debris.


2. Start at the top of your decal and peel down about half an inch of the white liner.


3. Carefully place your decal down, starting from the top, and ensure it is aligned properly. Use a squeegee to slowly smooth the decal onto the surface while continuing to peel the white liner. Be cautious not to create any creases in the sticker while using the squeegee.


4. The floor graphic should adhere right away, but it's advisable to press firmly to ensure it sticks to the floor. Once done, it's okay to walk on the graphic; however, avoid cleaning it for at least 24 hours after application.


Following these steps will help you successfully apply your floor decal with a clean and professional finish.


Here are the steps for removing your floor decal:


1. Begin by lifting one of the sides of the decal.


2. Peel the decal at an angle until it has completely lifted off the surface. The ease of removal may vary depending on the type of surface the decal was placed on and how long it has been applied.


3. If the decal has been applied within 6-12 months, it should be fairly easy to take off. If it has been on the surface for longer than 12 months, removal may be a bit more challenging, and in some cases, it could leave some adhesive residue.


By following these steps, you can safely remove your floor decal with minimal effort and potential residue.

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